How To Stream Torrent Videos Online Like YouTube

Seedr — The tool or website that is going to help you to stream torrent videos online.

  • Torrents On The Cloud
  • Seedr lets you —
    Stream media, read ebooks and more,
    quickly and anonymously.

First go to the website.

Then register an account with your email and then activate the account or you can directly signup with your Facebook account.

Next open a new tab and load up your favourite torrent website.

Now open a movie or TV show that you want to stream or download. And then copy its “magnet link“.

Now switch back to Seedr and paste that magnet link in the space provided and then click “+” button.

Now you can see Seedr is loading your torrent file. Wait for a couple of seconds to cache the torrent file completely.

After the successful completion of the process you can see your video is now loaded in a folder. Here you can see an option to direct download it with IDM or any other download manager.

Or you like to stream torrent videos before download simply double click on the folder to open and then find the video file and then click to play torrent video online.

In Seedr, for every free user gets 2 GB of cloud space that means you can store, stream and download torrent files upto 2 GB. The you have to delete the existing stored torrents to add new ones or you can buy a premium package.

Seedr also gives user to earn free space by doing some simple tasks like sharing a twitter review, creating a YouTube video , by Pin their image on your Pinterest and writing a blogpost

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