How to spoof in Pokemon Go latest version without root (100% Working)

Spoof In Pokemon GO Non-Rooted Devices

Niantic labs bans the rooted Android & jailbreak iPhone from playing Pokemon Go app.  Pokemon GO hack for Non-Rooted Android , this method does not require any Root not even any kind of Custom recovery. This method does work on any Android device. If you follow each steps correctly, you’ll get Pokemon GO Android hack with Joystick (Arrow keys) to move along with location spoofing which means you can play Pokemon GO from any location in the world.


Note : This Guide is for devices running Android Marshmallow & above.


1. Pokemon GO Game:

pokemon go spoof in android non root

Download from PlayStore : Pokemon Go PlayStore


Download apk file : Pokemin GO APK file

2. Fake GPS JoyStick

fake gps app for pokemon go

Download APK from : Fake GPS Go 6.5

How to setup Pokemon GO GPS hack in Android (No Root)

Step 1. Download and install both the required Apps mentioned above.

Step 2. Go to Settings App > About Phone > Tap on build number 7 times to activate Developer options in your device.

Step 3. Go back to Settings > Developer options. Locate “Select mock location app” & select Fake GPS JoyStick

Note : above option is only available in devices running Android Marshmallow & above.screenshot_20161205-113802screenshot_20161205-113810

Step 4. Again go to Settings > Location & set GPS mode to High accuracy (Use GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth or mobile data)

Step 5. Now launch Fake GPS JoyStick & locate any location you want to go. Click on search icon above right corner and type any location name or gps co-ordinates (ex. 18.92231, 72.83420)


note : check that in fake gps app setting,  root mod and mock gps mode is disabled. (keep as shown in screenshot below)


Step 6. After finding desire location, now click on Start.

Step 7. That’s it! You will see a joystick on screen , Launch the pokemon go game and move character with help of joystick. You’ll find yourself at the location you selected on the map.

Enjoy catching Pokemons from home.

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Tips :  Don’t change locations frequently to spoof at long distance, you will get soft ban. when you get soft ban , you can’t catch pokemon , pokestop will give you nothing, can’t battle in gym.

To remove soft ban swipe any one pokestop 40 times (enter pokestop and swipe then exit pokestop, again enter pokestop and swipe, continue this 40 times) , soft ban will be remove.

When location redirects to original location for 1 sec , then go to fake gps app , touch on stop then again start. close unwanted opened apps. (this may could happens due to low ram memory available).

Note : If you want to go in other country, don’t open game for that much hour where it takes time to reach other country by Airplane. Always check flight times on Google.

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