How to solve heating problems of Android Phones


If your Android smartphone getting heated quick then try the following solutions.

1. Don’t Install apps which constantly runs background and consumes Ram and Drain your mobiles Battery.  Apps like : Boosters, Android task killers, clean Master etc
2. Don’t use live wallpaper.
3. Don’t use mobile while charging
4. Update latest firmware, updated firmware contains fixed bugs, performance improvement etc
5. Use 3G/4G Internet only when you need it. Try to put mobile on 2G network when you don’t need Internet. It saves battery.
6. Use Apps like Greenify to Hibernate/stop unnecessary background app which consumes memory.
7. Don’t Use more than one task killers or Battery savings apps. Either use one task killer or Battery saving apps like Battery doctor, DU battery saver.
8. Use apps like Cooler Master to monitor temperature and to stop apps which causes to heat mobile.
9. Many users reported that apps like Facebook, fb messenger, Twitter, other heavy social apps causes to dran battery fast. Uninstalled these apps.  Try to use web browser for social sites. Use browsers like Opera, UC.
10. Don’t Use too much or Unnecessary widgets on Home screens.
11. Avoid overcharging. Use app like Full Battery & Theft Alarm, when your battery reaches 100% or your desired percentage it will start alarm this is useful to avoid overcharging specially during night.

Ravindra Paradhi

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