How to change the default boot order of GRUB on a Kali Linux dual-boot system

If you are a regular windows user and you use kali Linux when you need it, it is really hectic to hit error keys then select windows boot loader to start windows. Sometimes you forget or miss to choose windows boot loader then automatically first kali Linux loader executed then you have to restart pc then select appropriate boot loader. First, make a note of the number of boot options in the GRUB menu. In my setup, I have 8 entries. You can see from the screenshot below that Windows is the last menu option. Now select and boot into your Linux OS and log in as root. Kali Linux GRUB boot menu Then open a terminal window and open the /etc/default/grub file using your preferred editor. For Kali Linux you can use:

Leafpad /etc/default/grub

Thirdly, Inside the grub file look for the line GRUB_DEFAULT= . This line defines the default boot entry which is normally set to 0. In most cases, this 0 represents your Linux installation. Menu entries are counted from 0. Therefore, if your windows entry on the GRUB menu is 8 you should set this value to 7. Now save the changes and close your editor. Then return back to the terminal. Finally, on the terminal type following to update the changes and reboot the system!


That’s it! Now your Windows should boot after the countdown as the default OS. Do you like this article or have suggestions? Then please leave a comment and don’t forget to share, thanks.

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