5 Best Waterproof Headphones 2015


5 Best Waterproof Headphones 2015

The headphones are also now a day’s waterproof but in a sense of safe during occasional rainfall or sweat. But we must say thanks to the latest technology that made it possible in this time the entry of latest headphones that are waterproof. All are very much tricky so here we discuss top most of these for your convenience.

Things you must know before buying or choosing one :

IPX Rating:

This system was created to give consumer the facility of waterproof products. Although it is found on the retail packaging but still you have to do contact with the manufacturer. Product get IPX rating only when it is recognize by manufacturer by passing through various stages. It scaled for 0-8, higher the number higher it will be the most protected device. The products that are rated as IPX7 or IPX8 can only be used beneath water other can be waterproof up to some extent.


Underwater headphones must be fit, they came in the market with two shapes that are Flanged and mushroom. Flanged look like Christmas tree and mushroom is exactly like mushroom. Flanged headphone are unable to use in deep water. Choose the one that can have maximum comfort quality.


These headphones must have ability to with stand the corrosive action of water either you are using it in salt water or in a local fresh water. These must be made of special quality material and rubber that cannot be easily affected by chlorine or salt. Usage of only those material that resist corrosion can be prove best for these type of waterproof headphone.

The 5 best headphones 2015 below are selected as the top of the list because of their features like waterproof ability, fit, construction, and sound quality:

5 Best Waterproof Headphones 2015 Reviews


5 Best Waterproof Headphones 2015


These waterproof headphones are of the most popular brands that have the specification of waterproofing goods. They are not only providing this but also incredible sound quality. Short Cord in in this makes this headphones standout and the short cord alleviates having to wrap long cords around goggles and under swim caps.

Most of the Swimmers liked the way how the short cord reduced drag on straightaways and they stayed in place during flip-turns. This short cord makes user comfortable. These headphones deliver very sharp and clear quality sounds beneath water that is really amazing and also out of water the quality is as well best one.

Swim Buds also specify their device without having distorted or irregular sound, providing best amplifier. It can support best with equalize bass and treble support audiobooks, Podcast and even all kinds of music, you can listen. Small loose tips allowed very little sound to escape beyond the ear bucks .these are the reasons why it is called as the most popular underwater headphones.

These can be unmatched with any other headphones because of its sound quality and adaptability.

The absolute waterproof headphones it can be.

2. Overboard Waterproof Headphones

5 Best Waterproof Headphones 2015

Overboard s best known in the market, Very popular because of their Cases and bags rather than electronics. So they as well design unique headphones along with other advance products.

It can be impressive because of the best quality sound, without distortion beneath water. Sound quality is sharp clear and without any hurdle so that you can also use this by playing on high volume mood. These are waterproof, Have earbuds that are great for also kids because parents will not get tensed of any damages during stay on beach.

Overboard manufacturer has created very great pair of headphones to meet the satisfaction level of their customers who are now demanding for the best waterproof headphone.

3. North core Waterproof Headphones

5 Best Waterproof Headphones 2015

North core, A British-based Surf Company has also introduced a waterproof headphones.as these are not the North core primary product line. They analyze the demand of customer, as they were in need of high quality durable headphones that can change their life style also. They offer several size headphones and these are design in such a manner that to fit into any mini-jack socket and boasts 10mm aluminium speakers.

It was promised by the North core that they will provide very best /strong Bass. And it is offered by this waterproof headphones excellent sound in a variety of active environment to support. The design, mushroom shaped earbuds allowed water to pass through little but it can also cause muffled sound beneath water.Soundwave,s exceptional durability is best to easily use this type of device beneath water that also include lots of adventure.

4. Pyle Marine Sport

5 Best Waterproof Headphones 2015

Pyle Marine Sport established one stop shop for fulfilling your audio needs. As well low price also allow you think about this device as there is also the availability of waterproofing and sound quality in this low-priced Headphone.

Its design and sound quality performs very well and attracts customer. It will make you feel relaxed and calm, you can listen music while swimming, Hats off to this waterproofs techniques. The ear hooks are also best design to fit comfortably over ear.

This can be best for those people who are very much conscious about their budget and who are not concerned with listening all the nuances of your music. Still can be best.

5. X-1 Surge Sport

5 Best Waterproof Headphones 2015

These waterproof headphones is the best brand of company. They created for the first time waterproof headphones. That shows their commitment to innovation.

These waterproof earbuds can be submerged up for 12 feet and it is as well offering sound-isolating design to make these headphones perfect for wet or dry activities in water or out of water. They come up with five ear tips that can create the perfect seal for diving and other activities. X-1 Surge Sport is offering best sound quality beneath water or out of water.

It has crisp base and vocals sounded clear that enables speaker not to crackle. We can say that this headphone is best performer in every aspects. And we cannot find any difficulty in wearing as well as best in providing good quality sounds either you are in water or out of water.

Above we discuss about the features of top of headphones that are waterproof because most of the people like waterproof headphones.

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