5 best lead generation tools

5 best lead generation tools

Lead generation is an important part of any business. Without lead collection, it’s going to be totally impossible to find out new business opportunities and interact with customers. There are so many plugins available to help you in your lead generation. With so many WordPress lead generation plugins available, it can feel somewhat confusing to figure out which lead generation plugin will work best for your website. We’ve roamed the Internet, tested the number of plugins, and found the perfect plugin. Many of these plugins suited our own WordPress lead generation needs well, and some weren’t quite right for us.

The right lead generation plugins for your website will help you do things like collect and handle, emails search potential clients, and grow your site faster. Some of these plugins are explained further read them and learn about them.

It is a WordPress plugin that transforms website visitors into customers and subscribers. It offers ultimate features that make it easy n simple for marketers to get new leads and customers.Features that make OptinMonster energetic include a drop and drag form builder, A/B split testing, the capability to show specific messages for different campaigns, and pre-defined analytics.There are six types of lead collection methods available that include traditional pop-up, a footer bar or slide-in that displays at the bottom of the page, or a simple widget that display up at the last of a blog post.

5 best lead generation tools

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It is the latest plugin for WordPress that promises to help you to collect information about your website visitors, rather than just collect their email address.This plugin is perfect if you are looking to collect sales leads, or something collecting other information not only email address.Leadin works with the help of a website contact form, or a simple pop-up.

Thrive Leads

It is intresting lead generation tool in WordPress that is mainly used to construct your email list Faster than ever Before. When you will begin with this plugin this will increase your conversion up to 200% approx. Thrive is the ultimate tool because of there four benefits that include Design & Deploy, Advanced Targeting, A/B Testing Engine, Actionable Reporting & Insights.

It seems to be increasing faster than ever in popularity, and for a better reason. SumoMe is not only a lead generation tool but more than that, but a full suite of products are created to grow your website traffic.Tools like the SumoMe welcome mat, a smart bar, scroll box, and more will help you increase your traffic while collecting important leads.


A energetic plugin to grasp Leads & Connect with Your Audience is an Icegram. Icegram are also known as ultimate WordPress Plugin for Optin Forms and are free to use. It acts as a single Solution for All as it contains Pop up windows, Floating actions bar , messengers, Capture leads and catch visitors attention etc . Mostly similar plugins are used after we pay for them and still give few features. Icegram is full of features, easy to operate , and free.

Now as you are come to know about these lead generation tool so select the one from the above for your blog. Hope, we have served your purpose and you are now feeling easy to select the lead generation tools from the above explained tools

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