The Division open beta out today on PS4


The Division has been in the works for many years with numerous delays but its finally close to launch, which means it’s time to test it out for free in the open beta.

The Division open beta out today on PS4

There has already been a large scale closed beta and now Ubisoft wants to open the game up to as many people as possible. This is to give players a taste of the title in the hope they’ll want to come back for more and it’s also the perfect way to make sure that the online code is as solid as possible ahead of release, rather than finding out on day one when everyone goes mental because they can’t play online.

The open beta launched on the Xbox One yesterday and now its ready to play on PS4. You’ll get a major new mission which unlocks the tech section at your home base and some new unlockable abilities that go along with it. You can see what’s in store in the trailer below.

We’re really looking forward to giving the new turret a go, especially against the rather meaty enemies which were a challenge to beat in the first beta. It’s great to se Ubisoft rolling out new content in each release, although this progress won’t count towards the main game when it launches on the 8th of March 2016.

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