How to redirect from Blogspot (Blogger) to WordPress in 3 easy steps.

Blogger to WordPress redirection step by step Guide

If you have planned to move blogger to WordPress then you are at right place.

In this tutorial guide I will show you how to redirect blogger to WordPress. Follow the steps one bye one then you will successfully get redirect from blogger to WordPress.

Step 1 : Export your blogger posts.

Go to your blogger setting then other option. click on “other” option then click on “Export blog” then click on “download blog”. you will get “blog-date.xml” file. Here you get backup of your posts,category,tags,comments etc.

blogger setting for export blog

Step 2 : Upload .xml file to your WordPress blog.

Go to your WordPress “Dashboard”, then Go “tools” and click on “Import”. Then click on “Blogger”. Install & activate “Import Blogger” plugin.  Now choose your “.xml” file which you downloaded from blogger, then click on “upload and Import”

wordpress import setting

Step 3 : Redirection from blogger to your WordPress blog.

A) Generating Redirection Code for

Install “Blogger To WordPress” plugin by rtCamp on your WordPress blog.

To install go to “Plugins” click on “add new” , search “Blogger To WordPress” then click on “Install Now”.

Activate installed plugin.

Then go to “tools” and click on “Blogger to WordPress Redirection”, then click on “Start Configuration” then click on “Get Code”. Copy entire template code generated.

wordpress generated code for wordpress to blogger redirection

B) Copying Code to Template

Go to “Template” section in Blogger. Then scroll to bottom click on “Revert to classic template”.

delete entire html code and paste generated template code of WordPress redirection.

click on save template. Done!

bogger template setting for blogger to wordpress redirection

You can verify configuration by visiting you old blog post. It will redirect to you new WordPress blog post.

Benefits of this method are :

  1. it uses pretty URLs, meta-refresh in addition to rel=canonical in template codes which help Google update your post link its index faster.
  2. no loose of your organic traffic
  3. no downtime

If you have any problem, contact me on contact me page. I will help you. 🙂

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