Top 10 Best Apps For Rooted Android Devices (Android Phones & Tablets)

I already written about benefits of rooting your Android phone, tablet, camera or any other Android powered devices. One of the core reason behind rooting Android phone is the ability to install apps that ask root permission. In this article I’m going to add few best rooted app that a must have for many. I will update this article with more interesting and useful root only app in future.

Here is the list of Apps for Rooted Android.

10 best root android apps 2015

1. Titanium Backup

This backup app is one of the most used Android app in rooted Android devices. However, it not only backup your device data but also comes with various useful features. You can freeze apps and prevent them from running which is particularly good for dealing with system apps that you don’t want to run but still must have in your device to keep warranty. You can also use it to sync your backup over cloud, uninstalling system apps and many more. Play Store Link

2. Link2SD

This is another cool app that let you use your device SD card to install apps. Particularly useful for game lover or in a device that comes with low internal memory space. This app let you move your installed app to the SD card, so you can free up more space in your phone memory. Play Store Link

3. DiskDigger

Another useful app that let you recover your deleted photos. You can undelete and recover lost photos or images from your memory card or internal memory with the help of this little apps. DiskDigger’s powerful data recovery features can find your lost pictures and let you restore them, or send them to an email account. The pro version support lot more file type. Play Store Link

4. LBE Privacy Guard

This useful app guard your privacy from other apps. Every apps that you install in your Android device do comes with certain permission settings and with the help of LBE Privacy Guard you can customize default permission. However, playing with permission setting may effect the app performance. This app also work like a mini firewall which can block malicious operation from Malwares and Trojans. Another useful feature is, blocking unwanted network traffic — very useful if you don’t have a unlimited data plan. Play Store Link

5. OTA RootKeeper

Another must have for many root users. Installing official firmware restore root and as a result you lose your root access and have to root it again to enjoy benefits. However, with new update manufacturer fixed existing exploit with new firmware and hence you have to wait days or month to get a new root method. With OTA RootKeeper you can bypass that limit.  It backup your Root access. Once you have the backup, flash over your Android device OTA updates and restore your root permission through this app. Play Store Link

6. Mobile Odin

Very useful app for Samsung user. It let you flash Samsung official firmware right from your mobile. If you use the EverRoot option, Mobile ODIN will root the firmware while you flash it. You can also do other task that you do with the Windows version such as flashing custom recovery. Play Store Link

7. SetCPU

SetCPU is a tool for changing the CPU settings on a rooted Android phone or tablet. SetCPU works with a great variety of Android devices and ROMs, including the HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy series, and Nexus devices. You’re under control: SetCPU can improve your performance, save battery, or both!

Automate SetCPU with profiles! SetCPU allows you to set up powerful profiles to change your settings under certain conditions, such as what app is running, when the phone is asleep or charging, when the battery level drops below a certain point, when the phone’s temperature is too high, or during certain times of day. See the screenshots for examples of how you might set up profiles.

SetCPU’s wide feature set make it useful to Android beginners and enthusiasts alike. Accelerate your processor to unleash your phone’s true multitasking potential, or dial your CPU’s speed down to save battery.

SetCPU also includes a “voltage control” menu, available to certain devices with custom kernels that.Play Store Link

8. Flashify

Flashify is a simple root application that helps do a bunch of otherwise tedious tasks. Using it, you can flash a variety of recoveries, download ROMs, flash ZIP files, create full Nandroid backups (depending on your recovery), and more. It also adds itself to menus so you can select it as an option when trying to open ZIP files and the like when using a file explorer. It’s simple but effective and easy to use.Play Store Link


Greenify quickly climbed the list as one of those essential root apps a long time ago. The app checks out your running apps and shows you which ones are running, which ones run, how frequently, and how many times each one wakes up your device. Using this information, you can hibernate apps to prevent them from running in the background and drain your battery. This is the only app that prevents Facebook from waking up your phone 700+ times per day and it’s totally free. Play Store Link

10. Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework has replaced installing ROMs for many as the default root experience. Modules are created inside of the framework by many developers that do various things like theming, UI and performance tweaks, visual modification, button remapping, and much, much more. Modules can be a tad difficult to find sometimes depending on your device but there are plenty of universal ones that you can use and enjoy. The button below will take you to the XDA thread where you can download it. App link

I will try to update this page with more apps in future. So, bookmark this page and come back often to check what’s new.

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