Android spying: Learn various hacks to spy on an Android Phone

We have been hearing it time and again about the vulnerability of Android devices and that iOS is a more secured mobile OS. However, it might not actually be true. AppSec And checkmarx conducted a study about the vulnerabilities of apps on iOS and Android and found out that 40 percent of the iOS apps on the App Store were potentially at risk of system instability and data breach, whereas, 36 percent of the Android apps on the Google Play Store were potentially catastrophic to the system stability. Though, the difference isn’t big enough, it still is enough to break the stereotypes of many Apple fanboys.

The vulnerability of an OS also explains a lot about how it’s at risk of external hacking. Android apps, apparently, are more secure than iOS, but that doesn’t stop hackers from breaking into them. Thanks to the open source nature of Android. If you haven’t yet sorted out how you can spy an Android phone, you can learn various hacks to spy on an Android phone from us. Yes, that’s absolutely correct. In fact, we have two of the most viable techniques that most of the people are using these days.

10Android spying with rooting

This technique requires you to first root an Android phone that you want to spy on. Isn’t this actually crazy? We bet it is, but many parents and employers do use this method to spy on others, because of its “deeper” reach into the phone. After rooting, you then have to install a spyware that will give you a secret access to the logs of that phone.

But what’s the purpose of rooting?

Rooting, simply means, giving yourself all the root permissions to run apps that may require access to certain settings, which you can’t otherwise. Android fans love to root their devices because it provides a completely new life to the OS. You get to decide the layout of the themes, clocking speed and so on. LifeHacker has everything that you need to know about it.

With great access, comes great vulnerability05

The benefits of rooting are immense, but at the same time, it has its downsides. Rooted phones are easily accessible by hackers. That got you worried? Not it shouldn’t, because you are here to learn about spying on an Android device. Long story short: you can root an Android device and run a discrete spy app onto it to remotely access phone logs, online activity and even GPS activity. The benefit of rooting is that you might be even able to access the camera and even keystrokes off the target phone.

If you started reading manuals on rooting already, then wait, because you need to know that it takes time, a LOT of it, and skills too, for rooting a device. Therefore, take a look at what’s waiting for you below.

Android spying WITHOUT rooting

You can learn various hacks to spy an Android device, but this is far by, the easiest of all. All you need is to subscribe for a cell phone spying service, and download the app onto the phone that you want to spy. If you haven’t ever used a spying software before, you can learn various hacks to spy on an Android phone with Hakin9 who has a complete tutorial on how you can download, install and monitor a cell phone in just under 5 minutes.

Ah Wait, not every spy app is same, and that’s why you should read our following tips and for a safe and pro spying experience.

Tips for safe spying

  1. Spying apps have different terms and conditions of use. It’s very necessary that you read through all of them and understand each and every word.
  2. To legally monitor a smartphone, you need to be the legal owner of that phone.
  3. If someone else is using a cell phone that’s under your ownership, (like your kids or employees), you still need to take their consent before installing a spyware..
  4. There are many spying apps that don’t need rooting. If you aren’t planning a very intricate spying session, rooting isn’t the right call.
  5. Don’t go for an app that doesn’t encrypt user data. Have a chat with one of the customer support agents before making a purchase to know about it.
  6. Some spy services provide custom control panel app that allows you to monitor from your smartphone. They are the best ones to go with.

Stay with us to learn some more hacks to spy on an Android phone.

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